The Heritage range of Instruments was a collaboration between the artisans in the Czech Republic and UK engineering design. It was specifically developed for the student and intermediate market. Over 16 years of development, the GENEVA Heritage range features unique design concepts to reach new levels in brass musical instrument manufacturing and is a mark-up from the Vantage range, using higher spec materials and professional range features whilst still maintaining a very competitive price. This instrument offers the musician a controlled feel with just a little more resistance than some other models. Depending on the player, this set up can help improve intonation across each of the frequency and dynamic ranges and all instrument types are available in lacquer finish.



Bore 14.7mm-16.5mm (0.579"-0.650")
Bell 305mm (12"), Yellow Brass
Lead Pipe Yellow Brass
Valves 4 (3+1) Compensating
Outer Slides Nickel Silver
Tuning Slide Yellow Brass
Waterkeys 4
Finish Lacquer

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