The Symphony range is the epitome of pure sound, and was specifically developed for the traditional brass band market in Great Britain. Over 16 years of development, the GENEVA Symphony range features unique design concepts to reach new levels in brass musical instrument manufacturing.

The lead pipe on all Symphony instruments feature a very even and gradual taper, from venturi to valve, this offers the musician a controlled feel with just a little more resistance than the Cardinal range.
Depending on the player, this can help improve intonation across the each of the frequency and dynamic ranges. The Symphony range is now regarded as one of the leading ranges in brass band musical instruments, and the choice of many of the world’s leading international artists, and famous brass ensembles.



Bore 11.42mm (.450")
Bell 120mm (4.75") Yellow Brass
Lead Pipe Yellow Brass
Triggers 1st Trigger, 3rd Push and pull
Valves 3 Stainless Steel
Inner Slides Yellow Brass
Outer Slides Yellow Brass
Tuning Slide Yellow Brass
Waterkeys 2
Finish Lacquer or Silver Plated
Symphony logo

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